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BMW Mini Cooper
Mini Cooper S Stage 4 Clutch Kit Gen3 F55 F56 F57 F54 F60

Mini Cooper S Stage 4 Clutch Kit Gen3 F55 F56 F57 F54 F60

Mini Cooper S Stage 4 Clutch Kit Gen3 F55 F56 F57 F54 F60
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Internet Price $1697.95
Part No: G3NMG1653
Internet Price $1697.95
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JMTC Stage 4 Clutch upgrade kit includes a high torque pressure plate with 15% increase in clamping force over stock.  The combination of this pressure plate and the high friction Ceramic clutch disc will handle the increased horsepower and torque without slippage.  The Stage 4 Clutch upgrade kit is designed to give your MINI drivetrain the extra holding force for the modified MINIs with higher than stock horsepower and torque.  

Fits the following Cooper S models with the manual transmission:

2014-2021 F56 MINI Cooper S Hardtop
2015-2021 F55 MINI Cooper S Hardtop 4-Door
2016-2021 F57 MINI Cooper S Convertible
2016-2021 F54 MINI Cooper S Clubman
2017-2021 F60 MINI Cooper S Countryman

Also compatible with JCW models.

Clutch Kit includes:

  • High torque 15% pressure plate
  • Ceramic clutch disc
  • Clutch disc centering tool
  • Throw-out bearing
  • Pressure plate bolts

The clutch provides a critical interface between the engine and drivetrain facilitating the transfer of power from the engine to the wheels. The stock factory setup is designed to function with the stock horsepower and torque under normal street driven conditions. Once you modify your engine to increase horsepower and torque, the stock clutch can start to slip under aggressive driving and may have a shortened life span.

As the engine power output is increased, the pressure plate clamping force and clutch disc friction material needs corresponding upgrades to prevent the engine from overpowering and burning out the clutch. High performance clutch kits are designed to engage quickly and forcefully, even under high horsepower and torque conditions.

High Performance Clutch Kits are designed to prevent slippage so they are not ideal for stop-and-go driving in heavy traffic. A high performance clutch kit will not necessarily provide a longer life span despite the use of higher quality design, materials and construction, especially since high performance MINIs tend to be driven harder.

The JMTC clutches are designed to deliver the same performance as other expensive clutches at a much lower cost. JMTC in house clutch designers and fabricators have been building street, strip, and custom clutches for over 36 years. JMTC is using that knowledge and applying it to the Mini Cooper Staged performance clutch upgrades.

Add a Lightweight Single Mass Solid Flywheel for even more performance! The perfect complementary upgrade to the clutch - while you have the transmission out!

JMTC Clutch Kit Torque ratings:

Stage 1 450 ft-lbs
Stage 2 517.5 ft-lbs
Stage 3 585 ft-lbs
Stage 4 603.75 ft-lbs
Stage 5 682.5 ft-lbs

REPLACE THE CLUTCH MASTER CYLINDER: The clutch master cylinder has a check valve for hydraulic pressure control.  If this check valve gets blocked, it can keep the system pressurized and partially or fully engaged. When this happens, it may cause the clutch to slip and impede performance leading to premature clutch wear and eventual failure.

When installing a performance clutch upgrade, it is HIGHLY recommended that you replace the clutch master cylinder to ensure proper function and to maximize the life of the clutch.

Tightening torque

Flywheel bolts:  88.50 ft lbs. (120 Nm)
Pressure Plate bolts:  11.06 ft lbs. plus 90° (15 Nm plus 90°)

If you need new Flywheel Bolts, or a new Flywheel, see Mini Cooper Flywheel OEM Gen3


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