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BMW Mini Cooper
MINI Factory replacement JCW Clutch Rebuild Kit for the JCW Cooper S models with the N14 engine. For the 2nd generation 2007-2010 MINI Cooper S models including R56 Hardtop R55 Clubman R57 Convertible
OEM Clutch Kit N14 MINI Cooper S JCW R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 Gen2

OEM Clutch Kit N14 MINI Cooper S JCW R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 Gen2

OEM Clutch Kit N14 MINI Cooper S JCW R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 Gen2

OEM Clutch Kit N14 MINI Cooper S JCW R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 Gen2

OEM Clutch Kit N14 MINI Cooper S JCW R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 Gen2

OEM Clutch Kit N14 MINI Cooper S JCW R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 Gen2

OEM Clutch Kit N14 MINI Cooper S JCW R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 Gen2
Specially Priced Item
Part No: G2NMG7612
Internet Price $429.99
Remanufactured Clutch Rebuild Kit from the factory for the JCW Cooper S models with the N14B16A engine. This is the same kits used by the MINI dealers for the factory JCW models.

Kit includes:

  • Pressure plate with bolts
  • Clutch disc
  • Throwout bearing

Fits the following JCW models with the N14 engine:

2007-01/2013 R56 JCW MINI Cooper S Hatchback
2008-01/2013 R55 JCW MINI Cooper S CLUBMAN
2009-01/2013 R57 JCW MINI Cooper S Converbibles
2012-01/2013 R58 JCW MINI Cooper S COUPE
2012-01/2013 R59 JCW MINI Cooper S Roadster

When servicing the clutch, MINI recommends replacing the Flywheel Bolts, Pressure Plate Bolts, and the Guide Tube. Both the Flywheel Bolts and the Pressure Plate Bolts are considered 'stretch' bolts and need to be replaced when servicing the clutch. The throwout bearing or clutch release bearing rides on the Guide Tube which is a wear item that should be replaced during a clutch service. For a Kit including these items, see the Mini Cooper Clutch Service Kit Gen2.

See this link for the MINI factory Clutch and Flywheel Service Kit.

MINI Factory Clutch Kit Application Chart:

HARDTOP R50 2002-2004 NMG7602    
HARDTOP R50 2005-2006 NMG7603    
HARDTOP R53 2002-2004   NMG1221  
HARDTOP R53 2005-2006   NMG7600 NMG7600
CONVERTIBLE R52 2005-2008 NMG7603 NMG7600 NMG7600
HARDTOP R56 2007-2010 G2NMG7610 G2NMG7611  
HARDTOP R56 2011-2013 G2NMG7610 G2NMG7622  
HARDTOP R56 JCW 2007-01/2013     G2NMG7612
HARDTOP R56 JCW 02/2013-2013     G2NMG7622
CLUBMAN R55 2007-2010 G2NMG7610 G2NMG7611  
CLUBMAN R55 2011-2013 G2NMG7610 G2NMG7622  
CLUBMAN R55 JCW 2008-01/2013     G2NMG7612
CLUBMAN R55 JCW 02/2013-2014     G2NMG7622
CONVERTIBLE R57 2007-2010 G2NMG7610 G2NMG7611  
CONVERTIBLE R57 2011-2013 G2NMG7610 G2NMG7622  
CONVERTIBLE R57 JCW 2009-01/2013     G2NMG7612
CONVERTIBLE R57 JCW 02/2013-2015     G2NMG7622
COUPE R58 2012-02/2013 G2NMG7610 G2NMG7622  
COUPE R58 02/2013-2015 G2NMG7610 G2NMG7622  
COUPE R58 JCW 2012-01/2013     G2NMG7612
COUPE R58 JCW 02/2013-2015     G2NMG7622
ROADSTER R59 2012-02/2013 G2NMG7610 G2NMG7622  
ROADSTER R59 02/2013-2015 G2NMG7610 G2NMG7622  
ROADSTER R59 JCW 2012-01/2013     G2NMG7612
ROADSTER R59 JCW 02/2013-2015     G2NMG7622
COUNTRYMAN R60 2011-2015 G2NMG7610 G2NMG7622  
COUNTRYMAN R60 JCW 2011-2015     G2NMG7622
PACEMAN R61 2013-2016 G2NMG7610 G2NMG7622  
PACEMAN R61 JCW 2013-2016     G2NMG7622


For the replacement factory flywheel, see G2NMG7600-P.

For Performance Clutch/Flywheel kits, see G2NMG1640.

For Performance Clutch kits, see G2NMG1601.


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