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Brake Pipe Kit Morris Minor

Brake Pipe Kit Morris Minor

Brake Pipe Kit Morris Minor
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Which brake line goes where?
I've just finished installing this kit on my 1959 Morris 1000 with Left Hand Drive and wanted to share my experience for others. I had to use a 3/16W wrench which is from a set of British Standard Fine (BSF) wrenches I acquired after lots of frustrating efforts to use various metric and US standard wrenches. The fitting nuts on this kitmar 7/16 US standard. This kit comes with 8 lines, my vehicle uses 6. There were no instructions or tags as to which line went where so I used a string to measure my existing lines and compared them to the new lines (which I also measured by string since the kit came with the lines coiled). If you don't know this trick it is a great way to measure any irregular shape as you run a non-stretchable string along the curves and then straighten it out and measure against a ruler. In the Kit there were two straight lines approx 10 inches long that I didn't use and have no idea which vehicle they are for. Below is a table of locations, the measure of my brake lines and the line from the kit I used as a repacement. All measurements are approximate and I did NOT include the actual fitting in my measurement (I measured from the line side of the fixture nut). LOCATION ORIGINAL KIT Left Front 19.5" 19.75 Right Front 44.5 46.5 Front to Master 48.0 50.5 Master to Rear 66.5 66.5 Right Rear 18.25 20.5 Left Rear 29.5 27.0 (Note my Left Rear was not original as it was a previous repair)
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