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Created: April 08, 2014
Mini Mania History Photo Gallery
Created: June 14, 2011
Women and the Mini contest
Fun Things
The Green Hornet
Created: November 08, 2000
While not a MINI, it is a Morris Traveller 1958 in very nice condition. Morris 1000 Traveler 1958 1275 engine Rib case transmission
Created: July 11, 2000
It was a beautiful day in Quebec on the weekend on Mini Meet East 2000. Minis as far as the eye can see. But what's this? A German infiltrator? We'll have to take care of that!
Created: May 08, 2006
The weather was beautiful, the ice cream was fantastic, and there were many, many Minis at Mini Mania's annual car show, swap meet, and open house on May 6, 2006. We had our biggest turnout yet, with ...
Created: August 04, 2000
PR Mini won the first round with Minsuki slow off the line. The second round Minsuki finished first. Below is a video clip of Minisuki running against a Mustang 5.0. The stang jumped the lights (red lighted) and turned a 10.7 Minsuki ran right with him at 10.8 on the 1/8 mile track.