FREE Power Meter App for iPhone - From BMW
Created: January 20, 2011
Free Power Meter App for iPhone - Play with the settings and it can measure your 0-30, 0-50, 0-60 and 0-100 mph times, 1/16-, 1/8-, 1/4-, 1/2- and full-mile runs, your speed and both your forward and lateral g.
Created: June 24, 2010
Imagine winning a Mini Cooper High Performance Driving Experience program where you will ARRIVE & DRIVE a Mini Mania Cooper S! As you arrive at the Thunderhill Raceway at Hooked on Driving you'll receive a warm welcome from Don Racine,
Created: May 25, 2001
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the MG Midget, FISC made racing history by assembling the world’s largest ever grid of racing Midgets & Sprites at Spa.
Created: March 30, 2001
I have been to the tracks of the Northwest a few times here and there (though often I was too young to really remember), but a season opener sure sounded like fun.
Created: November 07, 2000
Created: November 03, 2000
The United States Road Racing Championship (USRRC) was the first professional racing series organized by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA). It ran from 1963-1965 for sports racing and GT/Production cars and for sports racing only, 1966-'68.
Created: October 31, 2000
Our racing historians are busy checking into this, but this most likely is the first time that three Mini Coopers have swept the podium at the RunOffs. From Minis To Trans Am Cars Joe Huffaker must enjoy extreme opposites, for what else would explain that
Created: October 20, 2000
Philip Wylie/Jim Howe in their MGB had a massive battle with Dessie Nutt/Geraldine McBride in their Porsche 911, during the Cork 20 on 7/8 October - the forth round of the Toshiba Irish Historic Tarmac Rally Championship.
Created: October 02, 2000
From 29 September to 01 October 2000 Summit Point Raceway hosted the annual Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) Blue Gray Challenge. This is the 8th year for this event that pits Northern vintage racers against competitors from the South in a prize-less, end of the season show down.
Created: September 28, 2000
Following the failure of MG Rover Group to organise a public party to mark the end of Mini production next week, dedicated UK clubs are planning celebrations of their own. The Southern Mini Owners Club is encouraging Mini fans from across the country to organise a mass Mini procession in their local area.
Created: September 15, 2000
This Sunday we will hold our LAST SWAP MEET EVER in the San Francisco bay area. As usual, everyone is invited to join us for a day of shopping and swapping, free of charge. Throw that garage-full of parts into the back of your truck and setup shop for a day. If you've got everything you neddthen why not join us for a barbeque and a nice long day of casual car ogling? Get together with other enthusiasts and form a convoy of Minis, Bugeyes, Minors, and even Triumph Bonevilles to tour the area.
Created: September 05, 2000
Now in its eighth year, the inimitable EuroClassic is the ultimate classic run. Starting in Belgium, we will quickly cross Northern Germany before travelling through uncharted territory in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary to a finish in Austria.
Created: September 05, 2000
It has been two years since the FISC last raced at Good Year in Colmar Berg (LUX). Again FISC was an appreciated guest of the Letzeburger Oldtimer Festival and provided plenty of excitement during the two races. The Good Year Tyre Company makes full use of their test circuit during the working week, therefore
Created: August 21, 2000
There will be no official gathering to celebrate the end of Mini production in September this year. Amazingly, after 41 years in constant production, the last owners of the Mini brand will not be inviting enthusiasts to see the world's favourite small car into retirement.
Created: August 11, 2000
The Elva Reunion is featured at Sears Point October 27-29 with CSRG and Laguna Seca November 4-5 with SF/SCCA Vintage. Both events have special Elva salutes for the famous English racing and sports cars.
Created: August 08, 2000
FISC will be organizing a record breaking all time biggest Sprite & Midget grid at the world famous Spa circuit located in the Belgian Ardennes (11-12-13 May). A total of 70 cars is expected to race and we are currently talking to the Guinness Book of Records.
Created: August 08, 2000
The Morris Modified Register is a CAMS affiliated club which was originally created by a small group of Morris Minor Car Club of Victoria members so that they could race their hot Morris Minors in competition with other CAMS affiliated car clubs.
Created: July 31, 2000
It's not just another vintage car “cheese and wine testing” style event unless your taste leans towards "Velvetta and Thunderbird.". It’s the real Mexican Road Race and open to everyone that loves to drive.
Created: July 25, 2000
The Euroclassic for year 2000 will feature a longer route than previous events, as it heads East to explore the varied cultures now accessible in Eastern Europe. “We wanted to offer something a little different for the new millennium” said route co-ordinator Pete Wellington.
Created: July 14, 2000
The southern national MGOC car show 'Surrey 2000'. This year promises to be the best and biggest. The committee have started working early for this our millennium show. Our proposals and aim are to provide something different as well as the familiar car competitions.
Created: July 13, 2000
The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Association is pleased to announce the release of the 2000 The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix web site, hosted by the Three Rivers Free Net.
Created: July 06, 2000
Victorian Mini Club Inc has organised Australia's first indoor Mini Auto Salon and Show 'n' Shine. Date is 29 July 2000 and the e-mail contact is
Created: May 31, 2000
Another marathon event taking a bunch of rich boys and their toys halfway around the world? The London-Sydney Marathon is different, however, because it has attracted two former world champions and the world's fastest lady driver.
Created: May 22, 2000
The epic long distance event will cross 14 countries - England, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia. All cars are pre-1971 classics and two giant Russian Antonov aircraft will air-lift them across the oceans.
Created: May 22, 2000
Of most interest to the Mini Mania customers was the Lola Cars Cup. This is a 1 hour enduro for pre '59 sports racing and pre '67 production based racing cars under 1.3 liters. The field of 25 cars included 6 Minis, 2 square body Spridgets and a BMC A-Series powered Jabro special.
Created: April 18, 2000
Set for Sunday 30th July 2000, the SWMF 2000 will be South Wales' first major MINI event ever. To be held in the large and beautiful grounds of Margam Country House and Park, just off the M4 near Port Talbot.
Created: April 13, 2000
The Historic Rally of Great Britain will be based in Newcastle upon Tyne. It will thus have the benefit of some of the most modern city-centre facilities in Britain for the documentation and scrutineering plus excellent hotels and a lively social scene in the evenings.The Tyneside area also has some of the best shopping centres in Europe. Modern ferries coming from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland and Germany serve the new port at Royal Quays and a direct link to France will be added during the coming year.
Created: April 10, 2000
In the northern summer of the year 2000 a fleet of 100 MICROCARS will depart England to drive across the world to Australia. The rally will be restricted to microcars only; no larger vehicles are eligible to enter. We can no longer always justify large vehicles and the time is right to look seriously at modern microcars to save our resources in an increasingly crowded world.
Created: March 16, 2000
The car you see here is the fastest road racing Morris Minor in the United States, which isn’t saying much considering it’s probably the only one racing in the country.
Mini Owners of Texas' Autocross
Created: March 14, 2000
We had our first autocross of the season here in Shreveport yesterday and I worked my butt off.