Honda VTEC B Series Engine Conversion Kit for 1959-2000 Classic Minis

This MTB kit allows you to fit the Honda D-Series engine into your Mini without any external body modifications. It is applicable to all Classic Minis (1959-2000), and  upgrades the stock A-Series engine to a high tech 16 valve OHC Honda engine.

This Package, which is  unique to the Mini, includes almost everything you will need to upgrade your Mini to accept a the Honda VTEC engine.

Included in the kit are the following items:

  • TB2 engine conversion Kit with subframe, axles and lower suspension arms - see MT530000 for more details
  • S Coil Over Shock Kit for the front of your Mini- see MT511220 for more details
  • B2 Aluminum Radiator Kit - see MT530600 for more details.
  • Polyurethane Mounts


You supply the Honda D-Series motor which is widely available as it was stock in Civics and 1st generation Integras.

While installing the VTEC engine in your Mini it will be necessary to have the stock ECU re-programmed or re-mapped to run properly in this application.  This is because many of the non-essential sensors etc that are stock in a Honda are not being used in this conversion.

Mini Mania is offering a coupon to facilitate this re-programming at no charge to you, as part of this MTB kit.



 You might also want to consider part# MT250410 wiring harness upgrade which is custom wired to allow the D series Honda engine to be installed and hooked up in your Mini with the least amount of headache!