Top Part Kits for Sprites, Midgets & Morris Minors

Doing your own car's maintenance, repair and upgrades made easier!  Our 40+ years in business has led to a comprehensive selection of part kits in our inventory.   We have hundreds of time and money-saving kits that will help you get your job finished.  Kits for brakes, suspension, engine, maintenance and more.  Part kits are more convenient, more affordable and you're less likely to order the wrong part.    Questions?   We're happy to assist you!  Our expert staff of specialists are available by phone at 1-800-946-2642 or through email.  

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Pertronix Ignitor Lucas Conversion Kits
The two best features of the new Pertronix Ignitor electronic ignition conversion kit are the low price and the fact that it fits entirely inside your stock distributor cap!
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Kent Camshaft Kits
This kit from Kent not only provides the great camshaft but also a matching set of valve springs and lifters (cam followers). All components were chosen as a matched set and when installed will provide all the performance you could ask for!
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Weber Carburetor Kits
Any search for the ideal 2-barrel, progressive down-draft carburetor would surely end with the DGV Series. wide adaptability, easy installation, low initial cost, trouble-free maintenance, excellent drivability, increased fuel economy and improved performance.
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Big Bore Kit 1380cc Engine DIY Kit
Ideal kit for the DIY engine builder. Special kit includes AE big bore pistons, our special 1380cc camshaft and lifters, +.020 main & rod bearings and the HIF44 needle that is ideal for the 1380cc engine! You provide the engine and remaining components.
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Rear Wheel Cylinder Kit 948cc
If the rear wheel cylinders on your Minor are rebuildable, these kits are just what you need. One kit will rebuild both sides! These kits rebuild the rear cylinders on Morris Minors with the 803cc and 948cc engines and Sprite and Midget rear cylinders up to 1962.
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1098 Inline Performance Clutch Kit
It is foolish to replace just one clutch component; doing so just means you'll be doing the job again, soon! Our clutch kits include all three major clutch components; disc, pressure plate and release (throw-out) bearing.
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Quadoptic Headlight Kit
Even at normal highway speeds it is common to "outdrive" conventional headlamps. These halogen headlamps have very bright 55/60 watt bulbs. Their special lens gives good long range vision while also projecting a beam to the side for improved vision when turning.
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HS2 1.25" Carburetor Service Kit
This handy kit will service a single or left/front HS2 carburetor. It includes necessary Gaskets, Needle & Seat and Jet Assembly. More kit options are available including twin carb service kits.
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Duplex Timing Chain & Gearset Kit
If you are working on your engine and you want to do it right then you should consider how you are going to drive the camshaft. People often spend a lot of time picking the camshaft and then ignore the exact reason they spent so much time picking the cam.
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