This Sunday we will hold our LAST SWAP MEET EVER in the San Francisco bay area. As usual, everyone is invited to join us for a day of shopping and swapping, free of charge. Throw that garage-full of parts into the back of your truck and setup shop for a day. If you have been fruitlessly searching for the elusive last piece to your vintage puzzle chances are that someone at the swap meet will have it or know where you can get it. In the past we've had people from as far as Canada come to the swap meet, so you can be assured that your request will be heard far and wide. Just slip on a sandwich board and walk around for a bit. And please don't be discouraged just because this is one of the biggest Mini swap meets around. There are always lots of people with Morris, Spridget, MG, Triumph and other spares. In addition to all the usual goings-on that our swap meets have become well known for, we have planned several special activities to commemorate this momentous occasion. For instance, instead of our usual 10% discount on all non-sale items in the house, we will be offering a 15% discount. Keep in mind that we have a HUMUNGOUS stock of used parts. Everything from complete powerunits to push rods; if you need it we probably have it. We MUST move this used inventory before we move. Do it while we are still in your backyard! What's that you say? You've just finished your Mini and don't need any more parts, used or otherwise? Well then why not join us for a barbeque and a nice long day of casual car ogling? Get together with other enthusiasts and form a convoy of Minis, Bugeyes, Minors, and even Triumph Bonevilles to tour the area. Drive up into the hills and visit the great nearby county parks even. There will be plenty for all to do, and if you need somewhere to stay there are two Motels within walking distance. So please to join us this Sunday form 7:30 to 3:00 for a day of shopping, swapping, good company and good fun!