Our racing historians are busy checking into this, but this most likely is
the first time that three Mini Coopers have swept the podium at the RunOffs.

From Minis To Trans Am Cars Joe Huffaker must enjoy extreme opposites, for
what else would explain that he has successfully campaigned a 600+ hp Trans
Am car throughout this year for Brian Simo, and this weekend he can come to
the RunOffs and pilot the low horsepower Mini to a victory.

"I was worried at the start about Doug [Peterson], but I pushed it hard and
concentrated on making apexes and lines," said Huffaker. "I made a couple
errors during the race but I had a good enough lead that it didn't hurt. The
car developed a push late in the race but it didn't matter."

Peterson also found time out of his busy schedule to make his way to the
RunOffs as well. Peterson was the only guy on the podium to have his front
wheels powering him as both the first and third place finishers were rear
wheel drive.

"I wasn't too concerned about the rain since I do have a lot of rain
experience," voiced Peterson. "The run today was flawless. The car was
perfect. We were just up against a better can/driver combination. My concern
at the start was just to stay ahead of the Nissans."

[Peterson regarding the rear wheel drive vs. front wheel drive debate:] "Well
in theory the rear wheel drive is a better combination, but until someone
does it you never know. It has been proven in high horsepower cars that rear
wheel drive is better, but with low horsepower, I wasn't sure. We went out
there and had a flawless race today and so did Joe [Huffaker] so I think the
results speak for themselves."

Rounding out the Mini podium was Jack Baumgardner. "It was getting slippery
when the rain started. On the last lap I slid through the inside of the
Keyhole and Zawislak and I touched a bit. That was the only chance I had
since I did not have the power on the straight."