Morris Minor Part Diagrams

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Engine Components
948cc, 1098cc & 1275cc Engine Cyclinder Head
948cc, 1098cc & 1275cc Cylinder Heads & Valves
948cc, 1098cc Engine
1275cc Engine
Table of Piston Rings & Sizes
1098cc & 1275cc Oil Cooler Accessories

Clutch System
948cc & 1098cc Clutch Components
1098cc & 1275cc Clutch Components
948cc & 1098cc Brake & Clutch Pedal Box Assembly
1098cc & 1275cc Clutch Pedal, Master & Slave Cylinders

Transmission & Gearshift
Engine & Gearbox Mountings
1098cc & 1275cc Engine & Gear Box Mountings & Controls
948cc & 1098cc Gearbox Casing & Remote
948cc & 1098cc Gearbox Internals
1098cc and 1275cc Gearbox
Propshaft & Rear Axle Assembly
Prop Shaft & Rear Axle Assemblies

Fascia, Heater and Ventilation
Glove box lids
Heater and Ventilation
Fascia tray and ashtrays
Windscreen Washer

Cooling, Fuel & Exhaust Systems
Radiator and fittings
Fuel System
Carburetter S.U. H1
Carburetter H2 for use with 948cc
Carburetter- Type H2
Carburetter HS2
Single Carburetter- for use with 948 cc and 1098cc engines
Single Carburetter- HS2 for use with 1098cc engines
Air Cleaner- 803cc
Air cleaner assembly - 1098cc

Rear Suspension & Brakes - Propeller Shaft, Rear Axle
Rear Suspension
Rear Axle and propeller shaft
Rear Brakes - 803cc, 948cc, 1098cc

Front Suspension & Brakes - Steering, Front Axle
Steering - all models
Steering Assembly
Front Suspension
Front Suspension - Cont.
Front Brakes - All models

Accelerator pedal, mixture controls, etc.
All models - 803cc, 948cc and 1098cc
Brake, Master Cylinder, Pipes, All Models
Hand Brake Assembly

Electrical Equipment & Instruments
Distributor- 803CC, 948CC, 1098CC
Harness Wiring
Coil and vacuum advance
Starter - all models
Dynamo- all models
Alternator- 1098cc engine unit only
Windscreen Wiper Motor
Windscreen Wiper Assembly
Switch Assembly
Horn and controls - all models
Switches, regulator, fusebox, etc.
Headlight units - all models
Front side lights and side-light/indicator units - All models
Interior light, number plate light, reflector
Lamp- rear- all models
Speedometer, fuel gauge, etc.

Interior (seats, headlining, door panels, carpet) & Tools
Front seats - all models
Rear seats - all models
Door and panel liners
Door Pulls
Interior Carpet
Draught excluder

Body Parts & Panels
Gearbox covers
Body Shell - 4-door saloon
Body shell - 2-door saloon
Body shell - convertible
Body Shell - traveller
Panels - rear - Traveller
Repair panels - all models
Wings - all models
Doors - 4-door saloon- All Models
Bonnet panel and fittings - all models
Radiator grille- all models
Bootlid and fittings
Front and rear bumbers - all models
Hinge Assembly
Door checks - all models
Handles- all models
Window regulators - all models
Front door window and ventilator- 4-door saloon - R/H
Front door window and ventilator- 4-door saloon - L/H
Rear door window and ventilator - 4-door saloon - R/H
Front door window and ventilator - 2-door saloon and convertible - R/H
Front door window and ventilator - 2-door saloon and convertible - L/H
Front door window and ventilator - 2-door saloon and convertible de-luxe R/H
Front door window and ventilator - 2-door saloon and convertible de-luxe L/H
Front door window and ventilator - Traveller - R/H
Front door window and ventilator - traveller - L/H
Window channels - front and rear door- All Models
Sliding quarterlight - Traveller
Windscreen and back light
Brackets, Hood Canvas, Latches, etc.