Stand up and be counted! List your Classic Mini or variant with the American Mini Registry and be a part of a permanent census of Minis in the US.

The American Mini Registry (AMR) was founded in 2001 as a means identifying all of the Minis and variants in the United States.

Through the owner and vehicle registration process, the AMR plans to establish, maintain and publish a membership roster and vehicle survival count. The database will be continually updated and made available to registered members in an annual report. Registrations are free of charge, and confidential.

Each member can choose what -- if any -- personal information will be included in the database, and can further specify personal information to exclude from the Survival Count which is distributed to other members. If you wish, your car can be included in the Registry with no personal information about the owner.

The Registry also allows a photo of each car and comments to be included in the database, which is published on the AMR website – which could easily make it the ultimate “Show Us Your Mini” website in the US!

So register your Mini, include a photo, and go have a look at everyone else’s Wee Beastie. In the process, your car will be counted as a part of history!