After an abscence of 30 years of LBC ownership, I purchased a
Bugeye Sprite. The Sprite was my first LBC, just one of many to
follow. Last spring I had to run a few errands and since it was
the first nice day I decided to take the Sprite. When I was
coming out of the store at my last stop, I saw an elderly
gentleman walking very slowly around my Sprite. He told me what
a nice car it was and that you just don't see that many on the
road anymore. After a few minutes more conversation about LBCs
He said that he used to sell them back in the sixties right up the
road from here. I asked him a few questions about where his
business was exactly located and from his answers I told him I
remembered exactly where his business was and that in '62 I had
traded my '58 Sprite with him for the red TR3A he had on his lot.
After that we went to the local doughnut shop and had coffee and
a long conversation about the 'old' times when LBCs were common
sights on the roads. I never owned a Mini but two of my friends
had them and they are just as fun to drive as a Sprite.